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High-Demand Jobs in Canada 2023 for Immigrants (With Salaries)


In these challenging times getting a high paying job of your interest in your dream country is not as easy as it looks because hundreds of young and talented professionals are competing for each and every job vacancy everywhere due to recent global layoffs in 2023. Hence, it is always good to gather all relevant information about open job positions in the labor market, high-demand professions, & current fiscal situation of your favorite country before landing there.

You might not know this German job seeker VISA is also a good option for international skilled workers to enter Germany to locally find jobs there which means an unemployed person with a good academic record and professional experience and apply for EU Jo Seekers VISA for the purpose of searching for a job there and once that person gets a job then that job seeker VISA would be converted into work VISA.

So, getting back on the topic if you are planning to move to Canada for job purposes, and a secure future then please check out my guidance in this article as here you are going to get your eyes on the most in-demand job professions in Canada offering handsome salary packages with amazing benefits.


8 Canadian Fast-Track Immigration Programs Allowing Jobs:

Before jumping toward Canada’s high-demand professions open for interested job seekers lets first get an idea of Canadian Work VISA immigration programs via which skilled workers can step into Canada for a lifetime opportunity either alone or with their families. Now, here is my researched list of all Canadian immigration programs (With Application Fees) and by availing any of these you would be able to legally work in Canada and all of these immigration programs are now available for you to apply for in 2023:

  1. Canadian Federal Express Entry Program ($2,300 for 1 Application, $4,500 for Couple)
  2. Provincial Nominees Program (PNP) ($2300-$3800 Application fee)
  3. Caregivers Immigration Program ($570 Application fee)
  4. Family Sponsorship Program ($565 application fee)
  5. Atlantic Immigration Program ($850 Application fee +515 PR Fee) 
  6. Quebec Selected Skilled Workers Program ($850 Application fee+$515 PR fee)
  7. Start-up Visa or Self-Employed ($1625 Application fee)
  8. Northern & Rural Immigration Pilot ($1365 Application fee)
  9. Agri-Food Pilot Program ($1365 Application fee)
  10. Immigrate as Refugee ($515 PR fee + $850 Application fee
  11. Permanent & Temporary Resident Pathway (Application fee $570)
  12. Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot Program (EMPP Canada)

Now Let’s Read Canada’s High-Demand Jobs in 2023:

International job applicants in search of highly-income jobs in Canada can check out my below list of high-demand Canadian Jobs to get an idea of how much they can earn there in 2023:


1# Engineer Project Manager Jobs – $150k Salary

Engineering project managers are in very high demand in the Canadian engineering industry just because of the sensitivity and roles of this high level position. Canadian engineering companies are capturing skilled and experienced project managers to handle their project’s ongoing tasks/challenges, managing technical staff, negotiating/briefing investors, budgeting, and planning a project run. Therefore as you can see how much responsibility load of an engineering company relies on the shoulders of a project engineer therefore you can expect a high salary package of CAD $62K to 150K/year with free residence, utilities paid, and the benefits to bring in family members in Canada.


2# Accountant Jobs – $85k Salary

All four types of accountants (forensic, public, government, and corporate) are in extremely high demand in Canada! Accountants are the backbone of any financial institution and as Canadian financial market is exponentially growing day by day therefore we observed a high surge in demand for Accountants whereas there are very few experienced accountants available in Canadian market to fill in those job positions. This is the main reason which is why Canadian Banks and financial institutions have recently increased pay rates to up to CAD$85/year and benefits of accountancy job positions to capture international interest in those job positions.

3# Business Analyst – $80k Salary


The Business analyst professional is responsible for taking care of business related matters of a company with the help of their skills in managing business products, research, and analysis. If you are wondering what would it require to find a business analyst job in Canada then my research on that answers this big time question, and that is a minimum a bachelor’s degree in business subjects with an MBA and a considerable amount of work experience as a business analyst in any top organization and you can expect to make around CAD$80k/year working as a business analyst in Canada.

4# Sales Representative Jobs – $58k salary


This one is my favorite and most easiest job in Canada that require minimum work experience and applicants with low academic scores can also get selected for this job post if their marketing skills are convincing. So, if your objective is to migrate to Canada to obtain a permanent residency via Federal Skilled Worker immigration route then a sales representative job would ease that task because you would only need 2 years of full time work experience and a bachelors degree. The salary of a sales representative in Canada can be between CAD$36k to $58k/ year based on customer service skills, communication skills, previous work experience, & academic qualifications.

5# Software Engineer Jobs – $140k salary

There is a high demand observed for Software engineers in Canada because of the growing Canadian technology sector enabling software development initiative (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) by Canadian government. Considering this reason, the government of Canada and its territories have increased the quota of hiring foreign software engineers from different countries who can benefit the country with their talent, skills, and expertise. Meanwhile, the average salary for these software engineers in Canada is $79,236 to $140,000 per year with a requirement of a BS degree in computer science, software engineering or computer system engineering and relevant professional experience.


6# Recruitment (HR) Professional Jobs – $75k Salary

Next, i have for you to look at (HR) Recruitment Professional jobs in Canadian companies and these professionals are an important part of Canadian organizations/companies responsible for making sure of recruiting right applicants for vacant job positions in company. The average salary of an HR manager in Canada is up to $75k and the minimum qualification required to work as a hiring manager is to have some knowledge of Canadian Federal labor legislation and a degree in HR.

7# Truck Driver Jobs – $47k salary

Canada these days is facing labor shortage in various sectors which is why trucking industry of Canada has opened a wide range of vacancies for skilled truck drivers this year and expects a gigantic increase in the next year as well. Truck driving is a high paying profession in Canada but is considered a most difficult yet responsible profession and this is why an applicant recruited as a driver in Canada needs to pass eyesight test/medical test followed by a driving test to obtain a Canadian driving license as per Canadian driving license requirements.

8# Nursing Jobs Jobs – $75k Salary

Lastly, we have nursing jobs in Canada that play a crucial role in maintaining healthcare system of Canada. A large number of international nurses immigrate to Canada every year via relevant Canadian work-immigration programs to start working at various Canadian hospitals, childcare centers, and nursing homes. Nurses with BSN degree or diploma in nursing with clinical practice experience in the specific fields and a license to practice are eligible to apply for Nursing jobs in Canada.

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