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Life in Hamburg, Top Attractions and Things to do

Student Life in Hamburg Germany

Hamburg is a metropolitan area that is very unique. As it is the second-largest city in Germany, it has a lot to offer to people. You will never get bored while being in Hamburg if you decide to go there to study or job purposes.

What is the old name of Hamburg?

Hamburg’s official name is Free and the Hanseatic City of Hamburg which reflects in every cranny and nook of the city. As the city was a medieval trading center, it has left its impression everywhere including the looks of the city. Moreover, “Speicherstadt” which was a warehouse in Hamburg during the Roman Empire clearly depicts the function of the city during medieval times. However, its status as the trading center hasn’t changed, as it is still a major trade and transportation center in Germany.

Hamburg is the City of Water

Water is another thing which makes living in Hamburg unique. Where ever you go in Hamburg you will find channels, bridges, River Alster, Elbe, and Billie. Additionally, Sunday mornings in Hamburg are very exciting with the Fishmarket located on the Elbe as it is more than a fish market. Moreover, the harbor of Hamburg is famous for the big Harbour festival called Hafenegeburtstag” or “The Hamburger” which attracts more than one million people every year from all over the world.

Hamburg culture, atmosphere, and festivals

The Hamburg atmosphere is very welcoming and casual. Hamburg city is rich in arts and culture. It has beautiful landscapes and a number of street festivals take place during the whole year. Apart from this, the social life of the city differs depending upon which district you are in. As people of different districts have different kinds of social life to offer with their own charm.

Hamburg is not like most of the modern cities. It does not have tall buildings with a lot of stories. However, it has a number of tree-lined avenues and parks making the city one of the greenest cities in Europe.

Geographical Location of Hamburg

The city of Hamburg is situated in that part of Germany from where access to all other cities of Germany is possible. So, if you are a student and haven’t find the study program of your interest in Hamburg then you can always visit other cities from Hamburg on a daily basis. Moreover, the North Sea and Baltic sea are in close proximity to Hamburg. These sea costs have different coastal landscapes and sea resorts providing the tourists with great places to enjoy. Additionally, Historic Rostock, Lubeck and Berlin are only a short train ride away from Hamburg.

Living in Hamburg

So, living in Hamburg can be a unique experience for you as the city provides a lot of fun activities. Moreover, if you are an art lover then you have a lot of places in Hamburg to visit and mesmerize yourself. Apart from this, Hamburg offers a lot of things to do which are enough to keep anyone engaged.

The list of Places worth visiting in Hamburg

There are different things you can see in Hamburg such as:

  • Park Planten und Blumen
  • Town Hall
  • Miniatur Wunderland
  • Hamburg Port
  • Reeperbahn – St. Pauli
  • Warehouse District
  • Phantom der Oper
  • Hafencity
  • Jungfernstieg
  • Fish Market

Activities to Do in Hamburg

Here are some things you should consider doing while you’re in Hamburg:

  • Dine in the Dialog am Dunkeln with your colleagues or family, you will definitely enjoy it. 
  • When in Hamburg do visit Chocoversum, it will give you the best chocolate experience. 
  • Visit and Enjoy Hamburger dom which is the biggest festival in the region, happens only 3 times a year. 
  • Ride a bike through Hafenerlebnisroute which is a trail leading to a labyrinth of containers and freighters. 
  • Spend a sunbathing and relaxing day at the Elb-beach.
  • Visit Hagenbecks Tierpark which offers exclusive experience with wilderness. 
  • Have a Maritime circle line tour to get a glimpse of what Hamburg has to offer. 
  • Enjoy lion king musical in the theaters. 
  • Visit Hafenklang for great nightlife experience.
  • Have a meal at Oberhafenkantine which is finger-licking good. 

You can also do some other things while being in Hamburg such as:

#1 Harbor Tours

Harbor tours in Hamburg are very famous because of the big size of Hamburg’s ports. The harbor is 800 years old and you can do many fun activities there. You can do a boat tour, enjoy seafood at the best restaurants on the harbor or can do strolling around the waterfront. 

#2 Reeperbahn

It is the popular street in Hamburg as it is the host to many legendary people for example Beatles who started their career at Reeperbahn in the 1960s. Additionally, it is home to Red Light District, hosting erotic museums, strip clubs, restaurants, and bars. Moreover, most of the people say that this area reminds them of Amsterdam. 

#3 Hamburg Fish Market

It is a 300 years old market. It’s not only the fish or seafood market but also home to many exotic fruits, teas, and nuts from many countries. Moreover, if you are a foodie then you should go to the fish market which is open on Sundays from 5 am to 9 am. The early you get there the fresher the food you will get. 

#4 Warehouse District

The warehouse district is one of the historical places near Hamburg’s harbor. It was the world’s largest warehouse complex. Streets of the district are made from cobblestones and have small waterways that are lined by 100-year-old warehouses having silk, cocoa, and carpets. Moreover, in the evenings you can mesmerize yourself with numerous light projections on bridges and buildings in the district.  

#5 Church St. Michaelis

It is a historic Baroque period church. It was founded in the mid-1600s and was one of the popular churches in northern Germany. Moreover, it has a unique style as the interior of the church is golden and white and has 3000 seats for attendees. Additionally, it also has a spiral stairway from which you can go to the roof of the church and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the city.

#6 Alster Arkaden

Alster Arkaden is the best place in Hamburg to do a lot of shopping. It has a variety of shops having almost everything you desire. Moreover, the place has a very beautiful architecture inspired by the famous Venetian style which looks more beautiful in the evening with lampposts made with wrought iron. 

#7 Planten un Blomen

It is the greenest place in Hamburg as it has a variety of gardens including a Japanese Garden which is the largest in Europe and a botanical garden. In summers these gardens offer a lot of entertainment. As they host theatre performances, water-light concerts and a lot of festivals.

Hamburg has everything for everyone

Hamburg provides a lot of entertainment to everyone who goes there. It has everything a person wants to enjoy in life such as theatres, history, culture, nightlife, etc. So, whenever you are in Hamburg keep in mind that you have a lot of things to enjoy. 

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