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Money Required to Apply for Canadian Express Entry Jobs in 2023

How Much Money You Need to Apply for Canadian Express Entry or PNP in 2023

Canada is a dream country for many to reside in but only a few people get this opportunity to settle there for rest of their life because of high salary jobs, good education system, and top class healthcare facilities.

Infact you will be surprised to know that Canada is now a third best country to live in as per USNEWS research with per capita GDP of CAD$52k with so less population of 38.2 million which is why Canada face skilled worker shortages and have variety of jobs for qualified international workers with their permanent immigration programs available in 2023.

This brings me to my point of writing this article about if you make your mind to apply for a job in Canada via express entry or provincial nominee program (PNP) then how much money you will be spending for whole process of it and results are available with detail and citations in this article but generally speaking you would need a total of around CAD$16k as an individual, or around CAD$22.7k if you are a couple; to complete your immigration process for Canada.

I am going to put in all the expense you will be required to make in order to complete your Canadian express entry or any PNP program immigration application in 2023 and all the number that i am going to quote are in Canadian Dollars.

1- Cost of Taking English Language Test

Canada is an English and French language speaking country which means if you are moving to Canada then you need to be proficient in any of these two languages otherwise your application for immigration might not be considered (Citation Babbel). For that reason you will be taking an English or French language proficiency exam (TCF, IELTS, CELPIP, or TEF) which will definitely put a dent on your pocket, and on an average, you will spend around $300 (individual), whereas around $600 as a couple to take any of these language proficiency test in 2023.

2- Biometric Fees during immigration

During the process of submitting your Canadian express entry or PNP program immigration application at any Canadian consular office or embassy, you will have to go through a mandatory biometrics process which is unfortunately not free. So, please keep this in mind that if you are a single person then you will be charged $85 whereas if you are a couple or a group of family then your bill for biometrics for Canadian immigration would be same $170 (Citation

3- Immigration Application Processing fees

This is one of the highest fees charged during the process of Canadian immigration application and i think you have to check your budget for this since a single applicant would be charged an amount of $850 for 1 application processing whereas $1700 for a couple applications, $1930 for a couple with 1 child, and around $2160 for a couple with 2 kids (Citation DAADscholarship verified research).

4- Education Credentials Evaluation (ECA) fees

PNP or express entry candidates are also required to pay a fees of $200 for 1 applicant, $400 for 2+ applicants for verifying their educational certificates at Canadian embassies as part of this immigration application submission procedure.

5- Medical Examination Expenditures

Actually medical exam fee differs depending on each of your country but if i have to give you an average estimate then each applicant of Canadian express entry/PNP would be spending around $100 for i.

6- Fees for Right of Permanent Residence of Canada

Now this fees is also mandatory to pay with because this will provide you with a permanent residence permit right in Canada and if you are alone then you will be paying $515, however a couple or a couple with up to 2 kids would pay $1030 (Citation

7- Misc Fees, and Settlement Cost

This is actually the biggest cost in all of the process to settle in Canada on express entry or PNP because this will cover settlement funds of around $13.7 – $25.5 and miscellaneous fees such as courier delivery, notary service, photos, police certificate, translations etc.

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