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Berlin has the best academic institutions and degrees from German universities are recognized all over the world. Moreover, gaining knowledge from such diverse institutions is best for you and your future. As it has the top 4 Universities and best Technical colleges. It is always difficult to make a choice between them.

There are different universities in Berlin that offer arts and humanities, medicine, agriculture, natural sciences, cultural sciences programs such as Freie Universität Berlin and the Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin.

The engineering and natural science programs are offered by The Technische Universität Berlin. Additionally, it also offers economics, planning, humanity, and social science degree programs. Moreover, the University of the Arts in Berlin offers numerous programs such as arts, design, performing arts, and music.

Apart from the studies, Berlin offers a lot of personal development for the person. As, the city is close to history, politics, up-to-date developments, etc. So, once you get immersed in the culture then you would know the true diversity of the nation.

Furthermore, Berlin is known as an international city as it attracts people from different cultures. So, if you participate in events that are related to culture and traditions then you are in the heart of Berlin. Moreover, Berlin is cheaper than in other European cities in terms of living and studies.

List of Top Universities in Berlin Germany in 2022

For students, Berlin is an attractive destination as it offers quality education from the best academic institutions. Apart from being a city of inspiration, it hosts the largest tertiary education system in the country.

Freie University in Berlin offers around 150 programs in different disciplines to students to choose from. The university has 12 departments in the three central institutes. It offers the best medical schools by combining the course with Humbolt University in Berlin. The university is also well recognized internationally because of its unique teaching methods and highly reputed staff. The university also offers an exchange program, in the summer or winter semester to provide the students with great experience and learning. Moreover, the university accepts people from all origins and is open to everyone.

The Berlin School of Business and Innovation is situated in the heart of Berlin. It is popular for its great reputation and is highly recognized by international students.

One of its programs BSBI is based on success, leadership, and enterprise. Students are taught these skills, so they get familiar with the concepts of the 21st century.

Humbolt University is one of the top-ranked universities in Germany as it kept its position among the top 10 universities in Germany. Because of its quality study, it has been given the title of “University of Excellence”. The university is not only recognized in Germany but also internationally, attracting students from all over the world. University teaching staff is one of the best in the country as they focus on the research quality. Excellent teaching techniques by the teaching staff are provided to students to prepare them for the international market. The university aims to attract young people to make them useful to society in the future.

Germany is very strong in technology and innovation and all of its credit goes to the institutions that provide such education. As it has been said that experts are needed to be made, they are not born. Technological University in Berlin is one of the universities in Berlin which provide education on technology. It has highly reputed staff which prepare students for the international market by providing them with the skills and knowledge needed. The university also has international collaborations that help students get international exposure.

It is the established Art university in Germany. it also has the biggest area. The university is comprised of different segments such as Design, Fine arts, Performing arts, and Music. There are more than 40 courses taught at the university and also providing the students with postgraduate courses and academic careers. University attracts students from all over the world who want to study the best arts program. The university teaching staff has a great reputation as they teach arts from traditional and controversial aspects. So, if you want to study the best arts program then the Berlin University of the Arts is the best option you have.

How to learn the German Language?

As an international student, you have to learn the German language for sure. Even if your academic program is in English you need to learn the German language even then. However, if your academic program is in the German language then you need to learn all the scientific and professional terms to understand what is being taught. Apart from this, you need to learn the German Language to understand everything going around you. So, the additional language course can help you to learn the language so that you will be at ease in understanding the German language.

Universities offer language courses and most international students take this course. The language department in the university offers courses in language at cheap rates to facilitate international students. Moreover, there is an advantage that you don’t have to go anywhere else from your university to take a language course. Apart from this, whenever you enter for language course a test is taken to depict the level of your understanding of the course.

Apart from universities different schools and departments in Berlin also offer the language course, for example, Volkshochschule or Deutschinstitut. You can also search the internet to find places to learn the German language or you can also learn online.

Language courses can teach you how to use proper grammar or how to read or write. But for proper speaking, you need to get involved in daily usage. So, to improve your language skills you should consider living with German students and talk to them in the German language. However, you can get many other chances to learn the language by meeting new people and interacting with them.

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