Fully Funded Scholarships 2024 to Study Abroad for FREE

You need thousands of dollars to complete your degree abroad but what if i tell you a way to remove all of this academic cost by winning an international fully funded scholarship in 2024. This might be super surprising for you to know that international universities from developed countries offer these fully funded scholarships to international students from developing countries. These scholarships generally cover the cost of admission application fees, university tuition fee expenses, examination fees, dormitory charges funding, student’s airfare & health insurance plan, experimental material sponsorship and monthly stipend.

As you can see the scholarship offered by international countries and universities cover pretty much everything so, therefore, i recommend all my students to apply for these fully funded scholarships rather than bearing all educational costs themselves.

List of Countries Offering Fully Funded Scholarships in 2023

I think now is the time to reveal the list of countries where fully funded scholarships are available to international students for all degree levels and subjects so let me disclose that to you right away here:

1# Scholarships in China

You might underestimate China when we think of undergrad or postgrad education level but what if i tell you that there are 7 Chinese Universities that are among Top 100 Globally Ranked Universities then would you consider studying in those? And What if i further tell you that you can apply for a fully funded China Government Scholarship at those top 7 Globally Ranked Chinese Universities to study there for free with free accommodation facility, and stipend funding paid on a monthly basis to you?

This all makes sense right? Because you can now picture yourself to win a fully funded Chinese Scholarship to study there for free this year so let’s not waste time and directly hit the admission application pages of the following Chinese universities to look for their fully funded scholarships in 2023:

  • Tsinghua University – Globally Ranked 14th
  • Peking University – Globally Ranked 20th
  • Fudan University – Globally Ranked 34th
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University – Globally Ranked 54th
  • Zhejiang University – Globally Ranked 69th
  • University of Science and Technology of China – Globally Ranked 83rd
  • Nanjing University – Globally Ranked 90th

2# Scholarships in South Korea

South Korea is now all-time favorite of most international students originating from Asian, African, and middle eastern regions because of Korean fully funded scholarships offering high monthly stipend value with totally free higher education and chances of employment after completion of studies. You might be wondering why am i recommending Korean Scholarships instead of Australian, Canadian, American and British Scholarships and that is because Korean Scholarships are easy to obtain as IELTS and GRE are not required with very high stipend value of around US$1200/month.

I recommend international students to opt for KGSP, GKS, GIST, and UST scholarships in Korean Universities for bachelor, master, and Ph.D degree subjects because all of these scholarships offer monthly stipends, free education, residence facility for student/spouse, and laboratory facility for experimentation.

3# Scholarships in Australia

I guess this is going to be the favorite section for most of you students since you might be waiting to explore what Australian scholarships has to offer to international students in terms of educational, residence, and stipend sponsorship. Thus, i got you to focus on Australia Awards Scholarships 2024 session because this particular Australian scholarship is available only to international students featuring benefits of free education, monthly stipend allocation, and hostel room facility.

But the negative side of this Australian scholarship is that the international students are bound to return to their home country upon completion of their studies whereas the positive side is that the international students might be allowed to work in Australia on part time basis (on fixed hours/week).

4# Scholarships in Switzerland

Instead of Canada, or USA; let me uncover another exciting fully funded scholarship opportunity for you that is easy to apply, easy to win and offer you to live in a most scenic country in Europe which is Switzerland! I think the great part of this scholarship is; it’s offered directly by Switzerland Government so you always would be confident in this fact that during the course of your education, your funding would never be stopped or delayed because State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SBFI) is sponsoring this funding program.

All international students can apply for swiss government excellence scholarship program which is a fully funded academic sponsorship for all masters and doctoral degree students covering their full tuition fees, medical insurance, travel sponsorship, stipend money, and a hostel room. I’m in super good mood today, so let me give you a bonus scholarship direction in Switzerland and that is ETH Zurich Scholarships sponsored by ETH Zurich foundation and this specific Swiss scholarship fund is offered to international students of all subjects and degree levels for class of 2024.

Now i have to grab a cup of coffee to refreshen myself and meanwhile i suggest you this task to check out all my above recommended scholarships, subscribe to my social/contact page, and please wait for my next list of fully funded scholarships article because in my next post i’ll be covering up scholarships from American and Canadian regions.

Dr. Philip Morgan

We are delighted to have Philip in our team having expertise in DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) which is a German organization that offers scholarships to international students from developing countries. He publish guidelines that help students to learn how is it like to study at international Universities with complete application procedures.

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