8 Steps to Study in Canada for free on Canadian Scholarships 2024

Get Admissions on Canadian Scholarships 2024

Anyone can get a bachelors, masters of Phd degree but there are very few among us who get a chance to study at top ranked international universities to get their degrees completed therefore i bring you my guidance article  on how you can study in Canada for free by winning their scholarship programs in 2024.

In this article you are going to read 8 simple steps on how you can find relevant subject/degree at Canadian Universities, clear eligibility requirements, search & submit applications for Canadian scholarships, apply for Canadian study visa and fly to Canada to start your next academic journey in 2024.

Here is my 8 Steps Application Process to Study at Canadian University for free in 2024:

  1. Shortlist Canadian universities as per your subject/degree options
  2. Check eligibility and application requirements of course
  3. Get familiar with application process for chosen course/degree
  4. Find Canadian scholarships to fund your studies
  5. Clear eligibility requirements of chosen Canadian scholarship
  6. Submit your application for Canadian scholarship and Admission
  7. Receive admission letter & apply for your Study VISA at Canadian embassy
  8. Fly Canada and complete enrollment process to receive scholarship to start your studies

1- Search for your subject/degree at Canadian universities

(Start this at least 6 months before next batch enrollment)

Your first step would be to identify which of the Canadian universities are offering such subjects and degree programs which you want to get enrolled in and you can do so by making research of finding top ranked universities in Canada subject wise (Ref USNEWS).

2- Check Eligibility Criteria for Admission @preferred degree/course

You are now at step two where you will have to check eligibility criteria of your preferred courses and degree programmes at your shortlisted Canadian universities.

This is where you also have to pay attention to find out English language requirements of your preferred Canadian Universities for processing your admission/scholarship applications and in case you belong from non-native English speaking country then you will be required to take English language proficiency tests such as IELTS academic, PTE, TOEFL, CanTEST, or Cambridge English language tests.

3- Discover Application Method at Shortlisted Canadian Universities

If you have met all course/subject specific requirements to apply for admission at your desired Canadian universities then your step 3 would be to find out which ways of submitting an application for admission is allowed and how much application fees you will be required to pay at those Canadian universities.

At this stage i also advice you to start preparing all of your documents which are required by Canadian university for admission and scholarship application and some of those common application documents include passport, degrees, transcripts, publications, resume, motivation letter, research proposal, study plan, LOI, or SOP.

4- Explore Scholarships in Canada to Sponsor Your Admission

(Optional Step – If you can fund your studies then you can skip to next step)

You may have cleared all admission and eligibility requirements to apply for admission at any Canadian University but what i see now for most of international students is a big stumbling block that will cause them to give up on their plans because education in Canada is very expensive (Ref IDP).

Therefore i strongly recommend all my international students to please consider applying for Canadian scholarships to fund your degree in Canada and you will be excited to know that some of these scholarships in Canada are granted even without IELTS requirement.

5- Read Eligibility Requirements of Scholarships in Canada

(Optional Step – If you can fund your studies then you can skip to next step)

If you decided to apply for a Canadian scholarship in 2024 then i think you already made a wise decision but here job is still half done because now you have to submit your application but for that you need to get prepared first, so, you should check and fulfill all eligibility requirements to apply for that Canadian scholarship in step 6.

6- Apply for Admission and Scholarship in Canada

I think if you are reading this step then i would take you as an eligible student applicant who is all set to apply for admission at preferred Canadian university on a scholarship so what you have to do is to create a free account on university admissions portal, attach your scanned documents, and submit an application for admission and scholarship directly, whereas you should be able to complete all of this yourself without the need of any agent!

7- Time to Apply for Canadian Study VISA

Lets assume that you received admission letter from any Canadian university and they invite you to complete your enrollment at their campus then as an international student you will be bound to apply for a study VISA for Canada so that you can then legally travel and enter Canada to start your next degree. You will be required to bring your admission notice, study visa form, photographs, passport, all academic degrees with transcripts, and supporting documents upon visiting Canadian embassy to apply for study Visa.

Beware of this fact that on study VISA you can not work in Canada but yes if you get permission from your international student office then for a specific limit of hours they may allow you to work as part time student in Canada.

8- Fly Canada to Start your Studies at Canadian University

If your passport got stamped with study visa for Canada then book a flight ticket, look for travel insurance, pack your bags, and travel Canada to start your next academic dream to join you new Canadian university for higher studies.

Dr. Philip Morgan

We are delighted to have Philip in our team having expertise in DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) which is a German organization that offers scholarships to international students from developing countries. He publish guidelines that help students to learn how is it like to study at international Universities with complete application procedures.

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