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Germany Scholarships Without IELTS 2023-2024 – Study for free Without IELTS in Germany

The German universities opened the application window for the fully-funded German Scholarships without IELTS for the class of 2023-2024 admissions for all students of various disciplines and degree levels.

Germany is considered to be an ideal stop for educational purposes, not only due to the affordable academic costs but also the quality of education it provides. One of the most popular and frequently asked questions is whether education is free in Germany?

Education in public universities and colleges is free without any tuition fees for many of the courses but is charged in the name of administrative and semester contributions. In addition to that, the daily and monthly expenditures in Germany are low and limited keeping the cost of living on the lower side.

Germany Offers Scholarships to Everyone!

The good news is that the German free tuition system is not only restricted to German residents but is available to all foreign students. Many German scholarship programs such as DAAD and KAAD scholarships are also offered in the country which is sometimes valued more than the cost of study helping students with other needs.

Considering that German universities do not demand IELTS, its alternative is the medium of instruction letter; which can be submitted as an IELTS alternative. So you then don’t need IELTS to apply for the German Scholarships.

Or if you still don’t know what it is? Don’t worry, just skip to the next paragraph.

English Language Proficiency Requirement for German Scholarships:

English Language Proficiency letter is the attestation to the fact that the applicant is proficient in the English language. It is also proof of your previously studied course program being completed in the English language. The presence of this letter eases the path for you to put behind the need for any IELTS examination. If your Bachelor’s program has been completed in the English language then you’re eligible to apply for IELTS exemption in German universities.

Which further means; you can apply for German Scholarships Without IELTS!

From where you can get an English Proficiency Certificate?

English Language Proficiency letter also known as a Medium of instruction letter is issued by the registrar department of the previously attended University.

Germany Scholarships 2023 Without IELTS Requirement:

So let’s take a look at some of the best German Scholarships Without IELTS initiatives in the country to help you guys through your courses:

#1 University of Berlin Scholarships without IELTS

The Scholarship initiative taken by Berlin University enables international students of every origin to take up any degree course for free at the University of Berlin. Funded by the German Government via DuetStipendium and an undisclosed sponsor it is valued at 300 euros per month. The minimum time period of this German scholarship is 2 semesters.

The good thing about most of the Scholarships at Berlin University is the IELTS exemption. If your last attended degree was taught in English or German language then just obtain and submit the language Proficiency certificate and that will suffice the need for IELTS.

To apply for the Berlin University Scholarship program you can fill up their online application form. The program initiates only in the winter session. The Free University of Berlin is ranked 127th according to the QS Global University Rankings 2022. The University of Berlin does not charge any tuition fees to international students as well as locals.

The admission Acceptance Rate of the University of Berlin is 15%.

The Berlin university has maintained an acceptance rate of 15% making them one of the most competitive German academic institutions to get admitted into.

#2 IU Germany’s Largest Scholarship Program

Regarded as the best private university in Germany the IU Scholarship program provides a scholarship of 80% without the IELTS exam. It is in collaboration with London South Bank University (LSBU). The collaboration provides a rare opportunity for students to get a dual degree from the 2 highly rated institutions.

#3 SBW Berlin Scholarships

Initiated for Master’s and Bachelor level students this initiative is taken to support students with weak financial backgrounds. It is a fully-funded SBW Berlin Scholarship program with No IELTS requirement in case of other language proficiency certs availability; covering the following package benefits for winners:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Accommodation
  • Monthly Allowance
  • Living Expenses
  • Travel Expenses to Germany and from Germany at the beginning and end of your course

A total of 20 German scholarships are to be handed out. The documents required for the program application are the CV, motivation letter, recommendation letter, academic transcripts, and evidence of low income with substantial proof of financial need.

#4 Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships

Funded by the DAAD Foundation a total of 1200 scholarships are set to be floored out under the initiative of foreign and local students. The Heinrich Boll Scholarship program is spread across undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels.

For undergraduate and graduate levels, for students within the EU and Germany, a monthly stipend of $713 USD will be provided with an additional 300$ as book money. Students not belonging to countries within the jurisdiction of the EU will receive a stipend of $934 USD. The students will be considered for additional allowances as well which may vary from person to person considering financial needs and past academic records.

At the doctoral level, the students from within the EU or Germany are provided a monthly stipend of $1484 USD with an additional $110 USD for research purposes. In the case of non-EU residents, a monthly stipend of $1319 USD is provided with the same additional of $110 USD.

The application is available at the Heinrich Boll Foundation’s official website which either you can apply without submitting IELTS or by providing alternates to IELTS certs. You can head over and fill it up and attach the relevant documents.

#5 Research Grants- Doctoral Programs by DAAD

Introduced for graduates and doctoral programs this is a DAAD-funded scholarship. Monthly allowances of 861 euros for graduates and 1200 euros for doctoral students are provided. In addition to that coverages for health, any accident, and insurance are made. The travel expenses are also taken care of with an annual research allowance.

To top it off expenses related to German language courses can also be borne under this program. If you don’t have IELTS or German language certification yet then you can appear to participate in preparatory courses to get this requirement exempted or fulfilled. Selections are primarily made on the strength of the research projects proposed and the applicant’s academic performance.

#6 Study Scholarships- Masters Studies for All-Academic Disciplines by DAAD

The program is specifically introduced to enable students to undertake postgraduate studies in Germany. Full funding is provided to students opting for state-recognized or state universities.

A total of 861 euros is provided per month as an allowance with coverages of health, any accident, and liability insurance. This program also contains options for fee payments for German language learning courses.

#7 Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships

Funded by the Bayer Science and Education Foundation; Kurt Hansen Science is a scholarship encouraging students with biology and chemistry interests to take part in advanced-level education. The program has a stretch from 2 to 12 months. It covers tuition fees, summer course expenses, and internships. To be considered for the Kurt Hansen scholarship; a research proposal is to be submitted. To apply head over and fill up their online application form and get an IELTS exemption.

#8 Erasmus+ Mundus German Scholarship Program

The Erasmus+ program which is initiated in many countries finds its way to Germany. Not only does this program ensure funding but also enables students to carry out internships in German private or public organizations. In addition to that Erasmus, Master Loans are introduced which are provided to needy students with relatively and considerably lower interest percentages.  The program also covers traveling and living expenses.

#9 Study Scholarships- Postgraduate Studies in The Field of Music by DAAD

Funded by DAAD it is an initiative that encourages and supports talented students to undertake postgraduate courses in the music field. It often complains that there are insufficient programs to recognize and promote extracurricular talent. This perception makes it a hugely important initiative not only with regard to money but more so for being a trendsetter. 

This program is valued at 861 euros with coverages of health, accidents, liability insurance, and travel allowances. Admission to a German State-recognized Music School of your choice is ensured under the program.

#10 Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung Scholarships

KAS is a fully-funded program for international applicants to help students from all spheres undertake Masters and Doctoral degrees in Germany. The minimum duration of the scholarship is 3 semesters with 330 scholarships ready to be flooded out.

You don’t need an IELTS exam to apply for the Konard-Adenauer Stiftung scholarship program. A monthly stipend of 850 euros for Masters and 1200 euros for doctoral students is set. In addition to that allowances for family, children, travel, research and health are provided. After the completion of scholarship programs, the KAS offers the students to work for them in order to establish better international ties.

Working on Study VISA in Germany
[German Work Permit Application]

Are you in Germany on a student visa? And want to stay afterward on a work permit? You must be wondering whether it is possible. Yes, it is. You can obtain an 18-month-long work permit in Germany for job-seeking purposes after you have completed your program. During this period you’re free to undertake any kind of job with extensions provided with relevant proofs on the expiry of the work permit. 

In order to obtain the work permit and set yourself off the hassle do remember to submit a timely application. You should submit the application before your student visa expires so you get the work permit before you exit the country.

Why Germany?

Well, primarily because this is one of the quickest growing economies in the world you don’t want to miss out on a career here. Germany boasts of the 4th highest GDP in the world with a new era of industrialization surfacing. With prevailing common sense, it can be easily figured out by the numbers provided how big the job market in Germany currently is. 

With limited job resources and job benefits in the third world or developing countries, it is a career destination that offers high value for your work. So if you are a student in Germany, hurry up and get your work permit to settle into your role in one of the emerging world economies.

The scholarships in Germany without IELTS cover a large surface area with courses from medicine, engineering, business, and architecture to music, fine arts, designing, and much more. So hurry up and fill out the application forms to get admitted to Germany, regarded as a household educational destination, and thank us later!

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