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Life in Aachen Germany and Top Universities in Aachen

Top 3 Universities in Aachen City of Germany

Student life in Aachen city is quite enjoyable and when it comes to talking about spending then Aachen city is not an expensive city to live in for students. Another exclusive article on student life in Aachen city may provide you with the essence of how is it like for a student to live in Aachen city.

Top 3 Universities in Aachen Germany

There are different universities in Aachen which provide great quality education to students all over the world. Following are the Top 3 Universities situated in Aachen city of Germany, and these institutes also support DAAD Scholarships:

#01 RWTH University of Technology

The university is well known for its technological research in engineering and science. It attracts students because of its international partnerships with different research centers and universities. For maintaining its quality work since its foundation, the university has been provided with the ‘University of Excellence’ award. Moreover, RWTH University has 9 faculties, 260 institutes, and 9 collaborative research centers. And, it has almost 44,000 students enrolled in different courses depicting the favoritism towards university by students. 

#02 FH University of Applied Sciences

FH University of Applied Sciences is one of the greatest universities in Aachen. It has 10 faculties providing education in different departments. However, the university is known for its quality education in engineering sciences such as mechatronics, mechanical engineering, construction engineering, and electrical engineering. 

#03 The Hochschule für Musik und Tanz

It is one of the largest music institutions in Europe and a great performing arts school. In total it has three campuses and one of them is located in Aachen. The university offers masters in Opera/Musical Theater with the collaboration of Theater Aachen and Rheinische Opernakademie. Moreover, it also offers degrees in instrumental and electronic composition, dance, voice and musical theatre, art performance, orchestra instruments, etc. 

Cost of living in Aachen Germany

Aachen is an affordable city if you know how to manage your expenses, but if you are bad at it then, of course, you will find the city expensive. However, you can find many cheap stores and restaurants in Aachen to keep your budget in place. The students will find Aachen city much inexpensive as compared to Berlin.

One person meal at the low budget restaurant usually cost around 8€. But if you are paying for a three-course meal and a beer for two persons then the price may climb up to 50€. However, the beer alone costs 3€ only for a 0.5-liter bottle. Furthermore, the coffee costs the same all around Germany for 2.50€.

So, if you want to save money then you should consider making meals at home.

The prices of different food items are listed below (subject to taxes):

  • Milk expense less than 1€
  • Water expense less than 1€
  • Bread around 2€
  • Eggs less than 2€
  • Fruits and vegetables between 1-3€
  • Local beer less than 1€
  • Mid-range wine 6€

Transportation, Accommodation & Entertainment Cost in Aachen Germany

Transportation Expense Aachen City: When it comes to transportation then Aachen is not that expensive as you can have a monthly transportation pass for 55€ and additionally, student discounts are also available.

Gym Expense Aachen City: Apart from transportation cost, if you are a gym freak then the membership of the fitness center will cost around 25€ a month.

Cinema Expense Aachen City: Additionally, if you want to have some fun at the cinema then a movie ticket will cost 8€ which is not expensive if you don’t do it occasionally. 

Housing/accommodation Expense Aachen City: Rates for accommodation places depend upon the location. A one-bedroom apartment in the center of the city costs 500€ whereas the same apartment costs 400€ in the peripheral areas. 

However, if you are good at sharing your place with other people and want to save some money then a three-bedroom apartment costs 850€ or 700€ outside the Aachen city. This price is perfect as you also have to pay utility bills for electricity, heating, water, etc which costs nearly over 200€.

Places to visit in Aachen, Germany

There are different things to see in Aachen such as:

  • City Hall
  • Grashaus – a late medieval house
  • Ponttor or Pont Hate – city gate
  • Centre Charlemagne Museum
  • Granus Tower
  • Suermondt-Ludwig Museum
  • Marschiertor (Marching Gate)
  • Pennsoldat
  • Elisengarten
  • Elisenbrunnen (It is a neoclassical hall covering fountains and is one of the famous sights.)
  • Charlemagne Cathedral (It has 10 chapels such as The Chapel of St. Nicholas and St. Michaelm, etc.)

Things to do in Aachen, Germany

When you are in Aachen then we recommend you not to miss doing the following things:  

  • Thermal Baths
  • River Wrum cruising
  • Aachen Theater
  • Charlemagne Route
  • Eifel sight-seeing
  • Aachen Carnival
  • Le Souffleur exhibition
  • Marktplatz, during Christmas time
  • Ludwig Forum Für Internationale Kunst designed in the Bauhaus style (It is the museum of modern art)
  • Aachener Printen

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